Lighting/Special Effects

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  • Bubble Machine

    As the bubble machine produces long-lasting bubbles, the room will be floating along on literally hundreds those little spheres of magic. It’s an effect that never stops causing awe and delight

  • Crystal Ball Light

    The LED crystal ball light gives a wide spread of vivid, pointy beams from its Red, Green, Blue and White LED’s creating spectacular colours. Various options are available complete with sound sensitivity

  • Disco Lights

    The classic-styled Light Emotion Colour Bank lightbox has four sound-sensitive lamps which go in synch with the beat, and will flood the room with red, green, blue, and yellow to add shine to your occasion.

  • Fog Machine

    Produces a consistent fog on demand.To get an extra special effect, use in conjunction with a laser.

  • Laser

    The green laser beam provides plenty of options for theming and lighting design. Add a fog machine for greater effect

  • Mirror Ball

    The classic disco icon that’s timeless! Add glamour to any venue, bedroom and home party

  • Strobe

    With its 80w of flash power offering a great balance between power and affordability, The Super Strobe is a classic effect for offering easy use to mobile DJs, nightclubs, and parties